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Workers with Masks


The I-81 Viaduct project will bring 1,000s of good-paying, construction jobs to our city. According to our Racial Equity Impact Statement, the construction trade industry in Syracuse consists mostly of white males residing outside of the city.  Since 2017 when the campaign began, UJTF with your help has successfully advocated for local hire on the project to ensure that city residents and Black, Indigenouse, people of color and women will have an opportunity to benefit from the good-paying jobs on the way.  Because of our efforts, the New York State Department of Transportation has set a 15% local hire goal on the nearly 8 million work hours it will take to complete the project.  The work is not yet done, though.  We need your continued support to keep the pressure on -- holding stakeholders accountable to achieving the set 15% goal.  Please continue to check back for updates on the progress of the campaign and information about upcoming opportunities for training and job placement on I-81.

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