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Executive Director

The Urban Jobs Task Force is proud to announce the appointment of its first Executive Director, Tylah Worrell! Please take a moment to read the bio below and join us in welcoming Tylah. We are hopeful that you will find a way to connect with Tylah in the near future. Congratulations, Tylah!

Meet Tylah

Tylah Worrell is an accomplished and dedicated professional with a strong background in data management, software maintenance, training, public and social service, and problem-solving. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Forensic Science from Syracuse University, Tylah brings a unique blend of analytical and critical thinking skills to the role of Executive Director of the Urban Jobs Task Force of Syracuse.

Throughout Tylah's career, she has demonstrated a commitment to community service and making a positive impact in the lives of others. Currently serving as the Co-Chair of the VA Council Executive Board, Tylah has shown exceptional leadership and organizational skills in overseeing various programs and initiatives. She is a proud member of the sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. As the Co-Founder/Program Director of Project Just Me, Tylah has successfully managed and implemented impactful projects that promote community engagement and empowerment.

In addition to her involvement in community organizations, Tylah has also excelled in her professional roles. As the Marketing Consultant for Increasing Territories LLC, Tylah has effectively developed and implemented marketing strategies to drive business growth. In the role of Contact Tracer Supervisor at Staffing Solutions Organization, LLC, Tylah demonstrated exceptional project management and leadership abilities in overseeing a team of contact tracers and case investigators.

Tylah's passion for supporting individuals and families is evident through her experience as a Family/Student Support Specialist and Promise Zone Specialist at CCSI. In this role, Tylah provided goal-driven service planning, supportive counseling, and case management to help students overcome barriers to their academic success. Tylah also served as a Housing Stability Coordinator at Housing Visions, where she assisted tenants in securing and maintaining safe and affordable housing, fostering a supportive environment.

With a uniquely balanced professional and personal background, Tylah is well-equipped to navigate the complex landscape of the Urban Jobs Task Force of Syracuse. She has extensive experience coordinating support services, implementing procedures for secure data handling, and fostering community connections.

Through her various professional involvements and certifications, including Trauma & Trauma-informed Care and Mental Health First Aid, Tylah has gained a comprehensive understanding of best practices in supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Tylah is eager to serve the Syracuse community. Her dedication to making a positive impact fuels her drive to work in the capacity as Executive Director of the Urban Jobs Task Force of Syracuse. Her commitment to fostering community connections and supporting individuals' growth and success will undoubtedly drive the organization towards achieving its goals of economic justice for all disadvantaged Syracuse residents.

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